Activities for the Classroom


Photolithography Patterning Lab

Grade Level: 10 and up

Duration: about 1 hour

In the patterning lab, students replicate key steps in the production of integrated circuits, without the need for a cleanroom or expensive lithogrpahy tools. Download the Lab Procedure and Supply List to learn more. Instructions on how to make one of the tools for the lab, an inexpensive spin coater, are available here.


Advanced Microfabrication Lab
The Microfabrication Lab is a multiple-day learning experience that enables students to create a working p-n junction-based device. Starting with a bare silicon wafer, students recreate the steps of microlithography to make  diode, a photovoltaic (solar) cell, and/or a metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). The following resources are available for download.

Lab Procedure: Making a solar cell

Lab procedure: Making a MOSFET transistor

Background information on lithography

Classroom Activities From Our Partners

Nano-Link has many short classroom modules on nanotechnology.

ALL SUPPLIES for Nano-Link modules are shipped to qualifying educators FREE OF CHARGE!


The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) has developed dozens of classroom lessons relating to nanoscience and its applications to engineering and the life sciences. Go here for a searchable database of all NNIN educational offerings.