New Tools Recently Added

New Cleanroom Tools


New Probe Station.  MNC has installed a new probe station generously donated by EverBeing International Corporation headquartered in Taiwan. This new probe station will greatly enhance our capabilities in DC and low frequency electrical characterization, and will be located in Area 3 (1-132) in Keller Hall.

The Fiji 200 Gen 2 plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) tool was recently
installed in bay 3 of the PAN cleanroom. This tool extends the capabilities of our existing thermal ALD tool that is focused on oxide films such as silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide and hafnium dioxide. The Fiji tool will greatly expand our ALD capabilities to include nitride and metal films. Specific films will include titanium nitride, hafnium nitride, and silicon nitride as well as silver and platinum films. 
The Apex SLR HDP-CVD tool from Plasma-Therm is a high density ICP plasma source
tool for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of a variety of films. While similar to a standard
plasma-enhanced CVD tool, the high density plasma source enables high quality films at
much lower deposition temperatures, even under 100°C, which cannot be done with our current PECVD tool. The Apex SLR tool is set up for depositing the following films: silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, doped silicon dioxide (boron or phosphorus), silicon carbide, and diamond-like carbon
Keyence Digital Microscope. The Keyence VHX-5000E is a new digital microscope which uses a CCD camera to capture high quality images and supplements direct viewing of a sample. The Keyence has a motorized stage (both x-y and z motions) and software for image analysis. By precisely controlling stage position, collecting images at each position, and stitching together these individual images into a composite picture, the Keyence creates high resolution images of structures that are too large to view in a single image field. This overcomes the limitations of high magnification objective lenses, such as small field-of-view and limited depth of focus. The Keyence digital microscope is located in the Keller Hall cleanroom and is free to authorized users (the fee is included in the clean room access fee).

New Nanoparticle Tools

 NanoSight Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer (NTA). The NTA technique captures images of the sample particles undergoing Brownian motion in a liquid, and using frame-by-frame video image analysis, calculates particle sizes and diffusion coefficients. The NTA can yield the size distributions of particles from about 10 to 2000 nm, and is particularly useful for very dilute dispersions. The new NanoSight complements our other tools for particle analysis, including dynamic light scattering and laser diffraction tools for particle sizing, a zeta potential system, and an optical particle analyzer to obtain information on particle shape.

The Fiji 200 Gen 2 plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) tool from Ultratech.

The NanoSight nanoparticle tracking analyzer.