Working in the Nanobio Labs

If you plan to use the Nanomaterials or Bio-Nano labs only, and will not be using the cleanrooms, you need not attend one of the bimonthly orientation sessions (these are directed to cleanroom users). Instead, please contact Jim Marti at to set up your lab orientation.

Steps to Become a User of the Nanobio Labs

  1. Complete the prerequisite Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) courses through the Training Hub. For external users, use the links below to get to the Training Hub, then create a Guest Account by clicking "Internet account" on the righthand side. *These courses need to be taken through the Training Hub. If you have taken them in the past through a different training portal you will need to retake them through the Training Hub before you can get access to New User Training:
  2. Complete the online New User Training course. *If you have not completed the prerequisite courses, you will not be able to enroll in this course.
  3. Sign up for a Badger account.
  4. UMN users: bring a signed copy of the Account Change form with you to New User Orientation.
    • The budget string on this form will be used for your lab charges. Have this signed by your advisor or supervisor.
  5. Non-UMN users: a purchase order, UMN Lab Use Agreement, and Certificate of Liability Insurance are required.
    • Please contact Nano Center Staff at 612 624-8005 or at for a copy of the Lab Use Agreement and further instructions.
  6. Fill out the NNCI facility user profile

To Request Equipment Training

The Nano Center has two laboratories dedicated to analyzing nanomaterials and to exploring the application of nanotechnology to the life sciences.Using the tools in the Nanobio labs requires special training.

Once you have registered as a new lab user, you can request tool training by going to our Equipment Training page.