Becoming a New Lab User

The MNC is an open facility available to a wide range of users, including external academic and industrial researchers. Once you have completed a basic lab safety training course and are approved to operate individual tools, you may access the MNC facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, subject to any periodic closures of our host buildings.

Follow the steps below to becoming a new lab user at the Minnesota Nano Center.


Using the cleanrooms

Are you interested in fabricating devices, depositing thin films, and/or using the tools of micro- and nanolithography? Go here for information on working in our cleanrooms.


Using the Nanobio Labs

Are you interested in making or characterizing nanoparticles or colloids? Want to work with live cells? Go here to learn how to become a user of the Nanomaterials or Bio-Nano Labs.

Request Equipment Training

The Nano Center has a large set of equipment and tools for nanotechnology R&D. Special training is required to use most of our tools.


Once you have registered as a new lab user, you can request training by going to our Equipment Training page. 

Tool Training