Downloadable Documentation


Installing Badger

To install Badger on your computer, follow these steps:

Windows Installation

Mac Installation

  • Use Software Update to ensure you have the latest version of Java for your MacOS. Note, this requires Java for MacOS 10.6 and higher.
  • Follow the instructions under Running Badger for the first time.

Unix Installation

Running Badger for the first time

  1. Open a browser on the machine that you run Badger from and have completed the installation of the Java Runtime Environment.
  2. To install Badger on your PC open a web browser and download the Badger application file.
  3. Java Web Start should kick in and launch Badger. If Java Web Start does not automatically launch Badger, find the copy of badger.jnlp that you downloaded and double-click the file. You will most likely see warnings about the certificate that you need to click OK to complete the installation.
  4. Use the "New Member?" button on the login screen to complete the application. Required fields are marked with asterisks. If you have a address, enter it.
  5. Enter your account information on the new member screen. University of Minnesota users should use their EFS budget chart string. External academic users should enter "external academic". Industry users should enter "industry".
  6. You will receive a confirming e-mail shortly (a few minutes) after you complete the application. Note that the email is an automated one, and your mail filtering and spam controls may send the email to your spam folder (this is definitely true for mail accounts). If the application confirmation email is not in your inbox, check the spam folder and mark the email as "not spam". Subsequent emails should end up in your inbox.
  7. After administrative staff have approved your online Badger application, you will receive another email. staff will migrate your projects and equipment training records from Coral to Badger. Please note that approval only happens during normal business hours, 8-5, M-F.
  8. In the cleanroom and labs, Badger can be run from the SunRay terminals (there is a Badger shortcut icon on the desktop). If your email address is a address, then you only need to enter the part before for your login name.