Capabilities and Equipment

  • Mask Maker tool
  • Ion Mill
  • Maray SEM
  • E-Beam Evaporator and Sputterer

The Minnesota Nano Center (MNC) has over $30 million of equipment in place and operational for optical and electron beam lithography, thin film deposition of metals, alloys, and ceramic compounds, reactive ion and wet etching, nanoparticle synthesis, and characterization.

With its new space in the Physics and Nanotechnology Building, the MNC offers expanded facilities for research in basic nanoscience and in applied nanotechnology. These facilities will support researchers working in the three main areas of nanotechnology today: small-scale devices, nano materials, and biomedical applications of nanotech.

Our Capabilities

Device Fabrication

Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization

Bionanotechnology Support

Making Photo Masks


Our Facilities and Equipment

Cleanrooms and tools for device fabrication:

Materials Lab and tools for nanoparticle characterization

Bio lab and tools for working with live specimens